Success in this increasingly dynamic industry requires the insight and knowledge to navigate the complexities of the global marketplace. Over the decades we’ve developed relationships built on trust and longevity that allows us to source quality metal scrap from a diverse set of origins and deliver to worldwide markets in a timely fashion. An extensive network of suppliers, agents and consumers enables us to keep our fingers on the industry pulse and offer up-to-the-minute pricing while sourcing material from all parts of the globe.

Metal Processing

With over 50,000 sq ft of fully enclosed processing facilities in Miami we can receive material directly, including mixed loads, and loose or prepared metals. Our staff of skilled professionals, HRB balers and assorted heavy machinery allows us to process and prepare any type of non-ferrous metals. By constantly monitoring and revising our quality and supplier control strategies we ensure that only material of the highest quality adhering to industry standards is shipped from our processing facilities.


Moving metals from one side of the world to another can be complicated. Let us help you. With a staff of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals combined with a long-cultivated network of logistics experts around the globe we’ll help you find the most expedient and cost effective method of transporting your non-ferrous metals.